I was born in Milan, Italy, in 1962. I am a journalist member of the Italian Order of Journalists. Media and teaching are my passions. I am writing for several Italian national magazines. I deal with business, costume, culture, society, luxury.

Brand Journalism

I write success case histories about some “secrets” of business entrepreneurs who have created their business starting from zero.

I am a professor of “Communication and Success” and “Religions and Society” at UniTre University in Milan, Italy and professor at the Department of Communication Sciences at University of Integrated Medicine Economis Research (UniMEIER) in Milan, Italy

I have published 14 books on cultural topics. I have books filed at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford American Universities.

I am a certified NLP coach (performance coaching) with Richard Bandler certification. I help individuals and business organizations to define and achieve ambitious and never-accomplished goals at a scheduled time.

I am a trainer for corporations and individuals.

Giorgio Nadali