I was born in Milan, Italy, in 1962. I am a journalist member of the Italian Order of Journalists. Media and teaching are my passions. I am writing for several Italian national magazines. I deal with business, costume, culture, society, luxury.

I write success case histories about some “secrets” of business entrepreneurs who have created their business starting from zero.

I am a professor of “Communication and Success” and “Religions and Society” at UniTre University in Milan, Italy   and Soft Skills Trainer at “Circolo Filologico Milanese”

I have published 17 books  on cultural topics. I have books filed at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford American Universities.

I am a certified NLP coach (performance coaching) with Richard Bandler certification. I help individuals and business organizations to define and achieve ambitious and never-accomplished goals at a scheduled time.

I am a trainer for corporations and individuals.

Giorgio Nadali